Oh, and don't forget, tomorrow is the day we kill the President


I live with a huge homo named Neecal.

My life with Neecal.

barkout yeah, especially because it says in the beginning that the data is saved and that’s a key I guess in doing it? Idk I’ll have to try it againb

barkout yeah I always do it first, but she dies of stress, and it keeps saying I didn’t save the data even though I did……

Ignore this

"A little less sleep isn’t going to kill you"

I hate my life holy fucking shit
I should quit while I’m ahead

How the hell does Eve even live boh times I’ve saved data and she dies?

I even didn’t kill the guy this time

/ anger

/cries overMordin

If you drink a lot at the bar on the citadel, you wake up on Aria’s couch?

Ahhh you do care, you lilshit

EDI’s jokes and the horrified expressions on peoples faces are what I live for.

I feel like a cool kid.
high resolution →

I feel like a cool kid.

My coworker would not stop talking to me, and she got so loud I couldn’t hear the beeping

And now I have burnt bagels.

I can’t not be a huge homo for Kaidan though.

This is a real problem


We are gamers not because we don’t have a life, but because we choose to have many.

Okay this took forever but I really wanted to thank you all for my 2’200 followers goal :) I really hope you like this!